You are in the Aztec Empire hundreds of years ago and about to be sacrificed to the sun god. It is believed that without human sacrifice, the sun will not rise tomorrow. Then you are granted one last chance. If you can just find the ancient healing crystal hidden in a sarcophagus from a cursed tomb in the depths of the jungle, and do it all within 60 minutes, the high priests will pardon you… More than 100 people worked on the latest escape room at Neverland, the Aztec Catacomb, and the way through it moves the senses beyond your imagination. Innovative solutions, creative mechanics, authentic Aztec motifs, tasks of skill and logic, ancient music, the smells of the jungle, mysticism and magic all await at Budapest’s latest escape room.

The extremely rich and exciting culture of the Aztecs, their history and religion, are all condensed by Neverland into an artistically conceived escape room, where you can drop by for an hour not only to head off to Mexico on the other side of the world, but also to travel to the heyday of the Aztec Empire.

The Aztec Tomb is Neverland’s big-budget escape room, designed and manufactured by more than 100 people, from sculptors and set painters at the Opera House to film industry professionals and perfume specialists to the management of the Mayan Cultural Centre in Guatemala.

The staff also worked with several artists, including Indigenous Indians, and supplies came here from the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and France. This all shows that the Neverland team put an awful lot of time, money and creativity into producing one of Budapest’s most innovative escape rooms – and showing that the genre can still cover new ground.

The Room of Deliverance, where you have to escape the ordinance of a sun god demanding human sacrifice, will affects all your senses. You might find ceremonial instruments, human remains, ancient Aztec music, fire, infiltrating sunlight, mystics and magic. In the name of authenticity (with the exception of security devices), no modern tools have been placed in the room, surrounding you are only period objects and sculpture.

There is a real jungle atmosphere in the Aztec Room. You're immersed in the aroma of plants and essential oils extracted from native flowers and trees, while ancient ceremonial sounds and Aztec art dazzle. Your senses are also stimulated by various materials: cedar, cherries, dogwood, hornbeam, as well as animal glue, skins, stones and many other specialities used in the design of the room.

In addition to ancient music and jungle noises, your senses are enveloped by authentic recordings such as sounds from ancient temples, sacrificial sites, the jungle and ruined cities, as well as videos of indigenous Indians speaking their native tongue.

The purpose of the room is to create the experience of a sultry immersion that lasts throughout the game. The Neverland team are constantly watching you during it, but they intervene without you noticing, so nothing can disturb you from your task. And the help captions come in the form of poetry, enhancing your whole experience of the game.

Not only is the room tremendously exciting, but the videos made for it weren’t produced in everyday situations: they recorded the commercials, and help and story videos in Guatemala, Belize and in Hungary. It involved professionals such as two-time Oscar-nominated make-up artist Vittorio Sodano, who was the lead make-up artist for the Mel Gibson film Apocalypto. They filmed in the middle of the jungle for a month, where local indigenous people also put in an appearance.

The most important part of filming is to see how the videos convey the lives of our ancestors, and above all the culture and traditions of our country, through the characters,” said Kendel Tesucún Chayax, head of the Noj House of Culture in San José Petén, Guatemala, and casting manager for the video team.

The adventure doesn’t end after the game either, as a special drink awaits at the Neverland Bar. Poured into an authentic Aztec glass, you can sip the special cocktail developed by bartenders, from ingredients that Aztecs used to enjoy in the past. And if you get hungry, you can enhance the experience as you’ll also find Mexican food on the Neverland menu.

The Aztec Catacomb offers a complex experience and an hour of liberating fun, showing something completely new in the world of escape rooms. Anyone who is open to history, the arts and a whole new kind of experience should definitely try this unique room at Neverland.

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