Budapest is to host the FINA World Aquatics Championships this June. After successfully staging this prestigious sporting event in 2017, the Hungarian capital has been chosen to step in after Fukuoka, Japan, would have postponed until 2023. Budapest is also due to host in 2027.

Five years after the city’s successful hosting of the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships, Budapest will again welcome top swimmers, divers and water-polo teams this summer. The event is due to take place between 18 June and 3 July.

No new venues will be built for the championships, which will take place in existing facilities. Swimming and diving will be staged in the Duna Aréna, synchronised swimming in the Széchy pool on Margaret Island, with water polo in the historic Alfred Hajós Pool next door. Plans call for the open swimming events to move to Lupa Beach.

Due to the short lead-in time for this unexpected event compared with the long-planned 2017 tournament, the opening and closing ceremonies will be more modest. Athletes will be arriving in similar numbers, however, which means a windfall of 100,000 guest nights for Hungarian tourism.