Two new ticket types for the Budapest transport network will be available from March. Each will be time-based and only available in digital format.

The concept of time-based tickets for Budapest transport, allowing passengers to change vehicles within a certain period, will now be put into practice in March:

30-minute ticket (HUF 530). The price of a regular ticket is 350 forints, so if you only switch to another route once, it’s worth using the 30-minute ticket.

90-minute ticket (HUF 750). Valid in either direction, worthwhile if you’re hopping about.  

How time-based tickets work

Time-based tickets will only be available in digital form, the standard ones will have both formats, retaining their traditional paper one, too. The new transfer tickets will be accepted on the new blue city routes of nationwide Volánbusz services, and on suburban HÉV trains within the administrative boundaries of Budapest.

The validity of the ticket starts when boarding the vehicle or entering the metro area, with the first code scan. With time-based tickets, any journey started within the validity period can be completed, even if it lasts longer than 30 or 90 minutes. If you make your last transfer within the time frame, you can finish that leg of the journey.