Cool design store Printa has always showcased Budapest while offering a sustainable approach to their clothes, accessories and other must-have creations. This boutique, café, gallery and screen-printing studio operates as a hybrid community space near the Great Synagogue deep in the Jewish Quarter of District VII, so it’s perfectly appropriate that Printa’s latest menswear collection should celebrate the locality. The new label? Hétker, the everyday Hungarian term for the neighbourhood.

A stronghold of environmentally conscious and sustainable clothing, fine coffee and imaginative accessories, Printa is constantly inspired by Budapest, and surrounding District VII in particular. Local features often appear in their graphics, street plans, even manhole covers bearing the logo of the municipality.

Now the Hétker label has just been launched to display the emblematic buildings of the Jewish Quarter on T-shirts, sweaters, cushion covers and canvas bags.

Enchanting architecture

Ever since I came to Budapest, I have lived in District VII”, says Printa founder Zita Majoros. “When I moved here in 1999, this was dark and run-down, but I was enchanted by its architecture and dark façades.”

Founded in 2009, following her first initiative Bolt Műhely in 2006, Printa has been integral to the area’s revival. In more recent years, the quarter also became the city’s bar hub, driven by the ruin-bar phenomenon.

After all the pandemic restrictions, calm has returned to District VII, local residents can sleep at night and new developments can flourish. Diagonally opposite Printa, the Rumbach Sebestyén utca Synagogue has just reopened after long-term renovation, with events and exhibitions also promised.

With life slowly returning to normal, look out for Printa's Hétker label on caps and T-shirts around town.

Venue information

1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén utca 10A
Open: Daily 10am-7pm