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See the new colour of the Chain Bridge


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13/09/2021 8.58am

The long-term renovation of Budapest’s most iconic monument, the Chain Bridge, has reached a crucial stage. Now you can see the colour it will be once the crossing is ready in 2023! The demolition of the underground walkway on the Buda side has also begun.

Painting the Chain Bridge is no simple matter. First the surfaces, all 23,000 square metres of them, need to be blast-cleaned, then primer must be added before an intermediate stage, then, finally the top coat, which now gives the bridge a classy blueish-grey finish.

This colour has been chosen to make it resemble the old one as closely as possible. Workers carried out the job on suspended scaffolding, using a special, flexible coating system for the chains, hinges and links. This should provide corrosion protection in years to come.

The demolition of the reinforced concrete structure of the Buda underpass has also begun. A more spacious, safer passageway will be opened. Instead of the previous three-metre-wide semi-circular bicycle tunnel, a four-metre-wide underpass with vertical walls will be built, making it possible to lay down a pavement 1.75 metres wide, in addition to the two-way bike lane.

The Chain Bridge will be completely renovated by 2023. Related news in Hungarian can be regularly followed here.

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