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Renovation of Blaha Lujza tér begins – traffic restrictions until September


  • We Love Budapest

13/07/2021 9.11am

The square at the major intersection of the Nagykörút and Rákóczi út, once shabby Blaha Lujza tér is now undergoing long-needed renovation. Expected to last until 2022, the works will initially require a change in traffic lanes and direction around the square, due to be in place until September.

The long-awaited renovation of Blaha Lujza tér has begun with the insulation of the floor lining the underpass. Until September, there will be 2x2 lane traffic on Rákóczi út, the traffic-light system will change, and it will be possible to drive on 2x1 lanes along the Nagykörút. The cycle lanes here will close temporarily.

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

The square itself, named after one of Hungary’s most revered singing stars, Lujza Blaha, who performed at the National Theatre that used to stand here, will be closed off to all traffic until 2022. Neither motorists, cyclists nor pedestrians will be able to cross it as the parking spaces and pavements here will also become work areas.

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