Pet adoption campaign launched by WLB and local experts MFÖEK


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07/04/2021 9.12am

Tiny paws and big hearts – you can't resist pet pictures, whether they're cats, dogs, rabbits or anything else cute and cuddly! That’s the tactic taken by the Everyone Adopt a Puppy Foundation (MFÖEK), uploading photos of irresistible pooches on their social media to encourage the adoption of a pet, rather than buying from inhumane puppy mills.

Photo: Varga Zorán / Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát

MFÖEK, or Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát, is here to help you navigate the world of adoption and fostering, and responsible animal husbandry. Adopting a furry friend is a wonderful event in anyone’s life, and there are many such organisations who aim to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Due to the epidemic, we are spending a lot more time at home, racking up our days of home office and cutting down on travel. More and more people are turning to pet companions to combat the lonely hours, which is a commendable idea but one which must be prefaced with this word of warning: the increased demand for pets has not gone unnoticed by unethical breeders – or puppy mills – and those looking to bring home an animal should take special care to adopt from an honest source.

Who are MFÖEK?

MFÖEK has a vibrant online presence, featuring funny, heart-warming introductory texts for the different animals. Their adoption days in Kőleves are also popular events, and might be remembered by some readers. But what else are they up to these days?

Founded in 2014, MFÖEK is operated entirely by volunteers. Dogs, cats, kittens and puppies are rescued mainly from three rural areas, mainly the Ózd, Miskolc and Kisvárda farmlands. Rescued animals are giving medical care, and introduced to city life before volunteers start searching for their forever homes. It is important for host families to meet the individual needs of the animal.

So far, nearly 700 furry residents have been successfully placed in a loving home, including 221 in 2021 alone. The group averages 15-25 rescues a month. In addition to rescue, they deal with the support and promotion of responsible animal husbandry and education.

Adopting a pet in Budapest

If you’re starting to think that your life would be better with a four-legged roommate, there are first of all a few considerations to keep in mind before adoption. These include lifestyle, leisure, future plans and making sacrifices. An animal is not just with you in sunny weather – they are a permanent companion.

Taking care of a pet involves a lot of sacrifice: your new friend needs to be taken for a walk even if it’s raining, which might mean tracking in mud, dirt and other bits of nature! If your work isn’t pet-friendly, then they will need to be trained to endure long hours alone. If you are sick, your pet still needs attention. We could go on, but the point of this article is not to get you discouraged!

Photo: Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát

If you have thought through the pros and cons and decided you’re really ready, then it is important to choose an animal in a safe and conscientious manner. Consider your flat: do you really have the space for an Alsatian? It might be your favourite dog, but that doesn’t mean you can provide for it.

The need for exercise is one of the most important aspects of the choice. In addition to age and size, we must also consider the animal’s personality. Some pets are better with children, for example, and others have dietary considerations which require extra effort.

What is fostering?

Many organisations are looking for temporary hosts to care for and socialise pets before they are eventually adopted to their forever home. This is a great way to have some furry company in your life without a years-long commitment, or to see whether you are really ready for having an animal full-time. Along with MFÖEK, other animal welfare groups like Eszkuláp Állatvédő Egyesület, az Összefogás az Állatokért Alapítvány and Az új kutyád all allow fostering through their systems.

Like adoption, fostering comes with responsibility and commitment: the temporary hosts introduces the idea of human cohabitation to the animal, which can be a scary and unfamiliar concept at first. Patience and love is a requirement, as the animal will need to know they are in a safe, secure place. Of course, you are not alone: the organisation covers medical examinations and treatments, as well as providing guidance, support and advice for anyone struggling.

For more information, head to MFÖEK's Facebook page!

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