Hawaiian eatery ONO Poké Bowl sets up in Pest


  • Nóra Nemes

29/03/2021 11.59am

A popular spot in Újbuda across the Danube, healthy Hawaiian eatery ONO Poké Bowl has just set up in Pest – operating with home delivery and takeaway for the time being.

Soon after it set up on busy Bartók Béla út in 2019, the Hawaiian eatery ONO Poké Bowl regularly served their healthy salad mixes and DIY combinations to a full house.

Photo: ONO Poké Bowl

Now with a new outlet on Vadász utca in the business quarter, ONO has moved into Pest. For the time being, the menu is the same as in Újbuda – you can choose from seven pre-assembled bowls, or combine your favourite ingredients into one.

Photo: ONO Poké Bowl

The ONO team promises that there will be a couple of novelties when the real opening takes place – a soup of some kind and a wider selection of drinks, gins, tonics and other cocktails.

Photo: ONO Poké Bowl

While you’re waiting for your takeaway, you can peek into how Zoli Mendrei has managed the interior, with plenty of plants, a swing to relax on and TV detective Magnum P.I. smiling from the back wall in a loud Hawaiian shirt.

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