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See how the new eco park will look in District XIII


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03/02/2021 2.16pm

The District XIII Council, overseeing up-and-coming Újlipótváros, has just published a series of images showing how its new eco recreation zone will look once developed. Vizafogó Park will sit between the parallel streets of Esztergomi út and Párkány utca, dotted with benches and sports equipment, rich in foliage and equipped with environmentally friendly solutions for irrigation and lighting.

According to current plans, Vizafogó Park in District XIII will be a pleasant public resource with plenty of green space, an outdoor gym and an artificial lake in the middle.

Photo: Puchner Gábor / Facebook

Keeping with its eco-conscious approach, the park will be irrigated thanks to an automatic rain-detection system, with coverings used to trap water. It will be illuminated with low-energy LED lights, and embellished with nearly 10,000 perennial plants.

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