The relandscaped section of the Pest embankment between Margaret Bridge and Parliament has just been unveiled, lined with trees and benches. Our star photographer Tamás Kőrösi snapped the romantic scenes along the Danube!

The modernisation of the Pest embankment started in 2017, since when the northern stretches have been completed. In line with this pedestrian-friendly initiative, the section between Jászai Mari tér, at the Pest foot of Margaret Bridge, and Kossuth Lajos tér at Parliament, is now also ready.

With the sights of Buda spread out on the opposite bank, it’s perfect for a stroll at sunset.

The two-lane road has been retained, but the previous parking spaces have been replaced by pedestrianised sections. In addition, chief landscape architect Sándor Bardóczi has underlined that the columnar oaks he has used are hardy in urban situations, withstanding air pollution and irregular irrigation. Their roots have been placed in casing which both protects and provides enough room for them to grow.