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Environmental initiative to transform Ráckeve section of the Danube for bathers and anglers


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05/11/2021 9.11am

In yet another initiative to help the environment and expand the range of outdoor activities in Budapest, a long stretch of the Ráckeve-Danube bank, the narrow waterway by the east side of Csepel island, will soon undergo significant improvement.

The narrow section of the Danube between Csepel island and south Pest is home to the second largest floating swamp in Europe, covering an area the equivalent of eight Margaret Islands. It is not connected to the riverbed but floats on the water, and even acts as a water purifier, extracting organic matter from the water, so the Danube here is constantly cleansed.

However, due to the increased algae growth and the overgrown vegetation, the Ráckeve-Danube is swampy in many places, there is little oxygen, so the water quality is constantly deteriorating.

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

According to plans just announced, the accumulated sludge will be excavated along the entire section of 57km, the bank wall between the Kvassay sluice and Gubacsi Bridge will be tidied up, and it will also be ensured that the water of the South-Pest Wastewater Treatment Plant does not flow into the Danube. The initiative should be of huge benefit to aquatic life and the natural environment.

The aim is also to make the water and the shore of the so-called Little Danube a favourite place for locals, so they can swim, enjoy picnics, play sport and go fishing.

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