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Google Maps cycle route planner launches in Hungary


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04/11/2021 2.58pm

Hungary is one of the first countries in the region where a cycle route planner is now added to Google Maps, alongside the ones for cars, public transport and pedestrians. As well as navigation instructions, you can also select the most suitable route and type of road surface.

In recent years, the popularity of cycling, for work or pleasure, has increased dramatically in Budapest and nationwide. As cycling habits are constantly changing, especially due to the pandemic, the information on Google Maps is constantly being updated so that users can find the most reliable cycling routes.

If you want to travel safely, avoid crowds or choose a more sustainable alternative for your commute, Google Maps will find the best route for your bike on a daily basis.

Photo: Gretchen Kessler - We Love Budapest

Active Hungary

After almost three years of preparation, cycling route planning has finally been launched on Google Maps Hungary,” said Máriusz Révész, the government commissioner responsible for Active Hungary. “Of our neighbouring countries, so far this function only works in Austria.”

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

He added that they need cyclists to test out the new function. By all means send all feedback to

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

Google Hungary

As this feature appears right next to car route planning within Google Maps, we're hoping that Hungarians will be the first to think about cycling,“ said Pál Bíró, head of Google Hungary. “This should encourage more and more people to use their bike to go to work or in their leisure time."

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