One of Buda’s favourite community spaces, where at least as many people went for the delicious coffee as to browse the beautiful objects and clothes, has now come back to life in a different location, but with a similar concept. NOS returns with designer artefacts, knick-knacks and engravings.

Éva Katona and Viktória Hitka have been near neighbours in District I for many years. In its previous iteration, NOS was created in such a way that they managed to create their favourite surroundings and further develop it to their liking, so the concept gave way to create a shop, a community space where everyone could feel at home, and an outlet for beautiful objects.

As Éva explains, she would like District I, one of the busiest parts of the city in terms of tourism, to be less of a museum, but to showcase contemporary creations, works and locations that generate dialogue and define places in the context of each other. This should liven up the local atmosphere, in the scene now developing on the Buda side of Margaret Bridge.

It was in this spirit that Viki and Eva created the new NOS on the site of the former Kaffanto Café, with excellent coffee and a terrific ambience, where former regulars have also started to show up.

In addition to the cute vintage knick-knacks and porcelains, you can buy tops by Tiszta Techno Rendes House, bouquets by Kata Filep (ATAK PELIF), numbered linocuts by Anna Korolovszky, prints by RebakTomi and risoprints by Felső Boróka, as well as Viki’s own porcelain conversation pieces and Éva’s colourful, knitted winter accessories, branded ëviköt.

The store is sure to stay in place until January, when the girls will decide if they will stay longer, but they already have plans to set up a gallery at the back of the store, with workshops also under consideration.

Venue information

1015 Budapest, Batthyány utca 12
Open: Tue-Sat noon-7pm