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Blue Agori – authentic Greek street food now available at three locations

It was November 2018 when we first bit into authentic Greek kebabs on Madách tér and dipped our crispy baked potatoes in tirokafteri. Since then, Stavros Koranis and his associates have opened two more outlets. Now there’s another Blue Agori street-food bar on the Pest side and one in Buda. The quality is unchanged and all three locations have their specialities.

It’s no coincidence that Greek cuisine is so popular: juicy souvlaki, mouth-watering gyros wrapped in pita, salads made with sun-flavoured tomatoes and salty feta and no fancy trimmings.

However, in addition to the full range of national cuisine, the quality of the ingredients is also a decisive factor. Uncomplicated dishes require expertise and immaculate ingredients precisely because there is nothing to cover up any flaws.

Food needs to be put together in harmony and consistency is also very important. This is facilitated by the original Greek ingredients essential to Blue Agori. The vast majority of key raw materials come from the southern Balkans.

In the case of Blue Agori, this development has taken place over three years, but in addition to the improvements, they have managed to guarantee constant quality. Plus, they’re all within a price range that makes them absolutely competitive, even on a daily basis, as an out-of-office lunch. Fast food, therefore, with fresh and assorted vegetables, delicious sauces and excellent meats.

There has been a lot of fluctuation in Madách tér, to say the least, but Blue Agori has been a sure point since 2018. As long as the weather is nice, you can enjoy the terrace, before diners devour their souvlaki indoors. The location on downtown Hercegprímás utca represents a bigger step, more spacious than the homely interior of the first outlet, with a larger capacity.

The proximity of the Basilica showed initial promise mainly due to the tourist trade, but the closures due to the pandemic demonstrated to Blue Agori staff that the local customers, Hungarian guests who love Greek flavours, have plenty of purchasing power.

And there is more scope, too, thanks to which new delicacies have appeared in the selection: pork-and beef bifteki (also in pita!) and zucchini balls, with loukoumades doughnuts a new dessert. Stavros also talked a little about the additional function of Hercegprímás utca:

Special events

Since the room below can accommodate quite a lot of people, we started organising events here. Company dinners, Greek evenings with bouzouki music, not in a folk-lore style but something rather more modern. I can say that they love it and seek us out, and we do our best to make their time with us even more homely and original. To my biggest surprise, Hungarian guests also like retsina, we can’t order enough for events.”

While Stavos takes care of another delivery, it’s interesting to ponder how virtual hospitality during the pandemic affected operations. The Blue Agori experience is clearly completely spot on, receiving comments and suggestions, and always open to dialogue.

It’s now 2021 and despite the many difficulties, many places have opened on the Buda side. Restaurateurs realised that although there were no tourists on the hillier side of the Danube, and there were many families and children, and no shortage of offices either.

Margit körút looks as if it will soon be as trendy as Bartók Béla út, new outlets, shops and branches of existing and successful Pest businesses are opening up in Buda. The first Blue Agori in Buda is also located here – a few steps from the IGEN pizzeria, right next to Macaron Heaven.

The bright and airy space conceived by Dávid Baráth also displays the usual design elements, but a minor refresh can be felt at the Blue Agori in Buda. The atmosphere is cosmopolitan, but thanks to the showcase kitchen, you won’t miss out on the classic gyros experience.

Here Buda, the vibe is perhaps more dynamic, encouraging you to linger, extending your half-hour lunch break into an hour and snacking with friends into a late evening. There is no terrace, but thanks to the huge windows, it shouldn’t be missed in summer, either. This was actually tested out, as it opened in the middle of last summer by public demand.

Greek flavours

The windows were still mainly covered up but several people had already told us that they were longing for gyros. Those living and working nearby were also delighted that well-known Greek flavours had arrived on this side of the Danube, too. So we opened a little earlier. And we received good feedback for us,” adds Stavros.

In addition to the usual gyros-souvlaki duo, the heavenly bifteki and zucchini balls popular at Hercegprímás utca can also be found here, with an even wider choice. Thanks to the meze selection, you can experience the joy of dipping and communal grazing, with tzatziki, tirokafteri, olives and smoky aubergine dip. These are worth trying with potatoes and pita on the side.

Get into the real Greek way of things as the small-plate meze echo the Spanish tapas culture on the other side of the Mediterranean. Many flavours come in smaller portions, consumed together in casual fashion.

Taste pairings and variations, personalised bowls are not a problem either – quite the opposite. Bifteki with extra meat in pita, pita with mixed chicken-and-pork souvlaki, plus tzatziki, these succulent dishes are prepared in the kitchen. It’s not out of the question, and it happens that the more experimental guests plan their own combination for dinner. Zucchini balls in pita with a little tirokafteri? Why not?! Go for it!

They also offer that Greek favourite, feta saganaki. We loved this fried cheese dish as the saltiness matches the sweetness of the honey. They have plenty of scope to come up with different Greek regional specialities and also aim to show the best of the country.

The new favourite is the light Thessaloniki wrap in flat bread, which smears the pita with honey-mustard sauce and combines the chicken souvlaki bites with fresh, crispy vegetables. And for dessert, bougatsa custard pie has come to Buda, the Greek version of the cream cake.

So the Blue Agori is ready and waiting on Margit körút, evoking memories of holidays in Greece and the experience of sharing food with as many of our friends as possible. Fresh and original, with excellent ingredients, at a price-to-value ratio that is a rarity in Budapest.

Blue Agori around Budapest

1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 1
1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 4 
1027 Budapest, Margit körút 62 


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