Founded in 1635, considered more familial than Hungary’s other main universities, Péter Pázmány University is building a new campus for thousands of students and researchers in the Palace Quarter. Due to open in 2026, this will be the new home of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and partly of the Faculty of Information, Technology and Bionics.

Having been stuck out in Piliscsaba with poor transport links, part of the venerable Péter Pázmány University is now moving into Budapest.

In all, nearly 4,000 students and 500 researchers will be based in the Palace Quarter, bordered by the Festetics Palace, Esterházy Palace and Károlyi Palace, all under heritage protection. The neighbouring properties will also be renovated.

Once the campus is complete, students and teachers can convene in less fragmented surroundings than the current university arrangements.

As well as matching the elegance of the 19th-century Palace Quarter, the new campus will reflect the historic spirit of the university while housing a 21st-century institution of higher education institution, with a huge library, conference rooms, labs, technical and IT research centres.

Light, warm colours will be used within, along with bare brick and the wood panelling. In front of the main entrance, there will be an open section of park divided by green areas, with more trees and communal benches installed in adjoining Pollack Mihály tér.

Boarding students will be housed in a dormitory of nearly 200 beds. Family-friendly facilities will include nappy-change rooms on most floors. A fitness centre, sports hall, gym and bicycle storage will also be provided.