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Head count at Budapest Zoo reveals record diversity


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04/01/2021 2.31pm

A census has just taken place at Budapest Zoo, revealing an amazing diversity and record number of species. Here are the figures!

Based on a new survey carried out by staff at Budapest Zoo, there are currently 10,528 individually and 115 non-individually registered breeds of 881 animal species, all at one venerable institution by City Park.

Photo: Kovács Tamás - We Love Hungary

In total, 1,368 mammals represent 133 species, 1,262 birds and 151 species, 950 reptiles and 130 species, 131 amphibians and 30 species, as well as 6,070 fish and 218 species. Of the invertebrates, 213 different species are found here, 115 of which are mainly insects kept in large numbers.

Also under its jurisdiction is the petting zoo on Margaret Island, whose 127 creatures are also included in these numbers.

Photo: Sada Domonkos - We Love Hungary

In in all, few zoos in Europe have a higher diversity. For many years now, Budapest has been placing great emphasis on presenting the widest possible cross-section of wildlife such as giant otters, coarse-haired wombats and short-billed anteaters.

More recently, Budapest Zoo has successfully bred Sumatran orang-utans, tapirs and grey crowned cranes.

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