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Keleti station overhaul to start in 2021


  • We Love Budapest

13/01/2021 2.14pm

Dates have just been announced for the development and feasibility studies for the overhaul of Budapest’s main train station, Keleti. The work will focus on the area below platform level and properties in the immediate vicinity, and the creation of a step-free passenger centre.

As we reported in 2020, Budapest’s main train terminal, Keleti station, is to undergo a major overhaul in the near future.

Photo: Balkányi László - We Love Budapest

As well as a revamp of the station at underground level, where a new passenger centre will be opened, the redevelopment also calls for the redeployment of various buildings adjacent to Keleti. A feasibility study should be produced by 30 November this year, with a development concept due on 15 December.

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