Surrounding Budapest, the Pilis Park Forest is a protected area full of wildlife. At this time of year, when stags are rutting, guided tours are given to see deer fighting for dominance and hear them bellowing loudly. These take place at 5.30pm on various days in September, at five different locations. Although these are given in Hungarian, the immediacy of the natural world shouldn’t involve too many linguistic hurdles.

In September, stags bellow to impress any potential mates and scare away competitors, their roar intensifying from around dusk. The sound reveals the physical condition, size and temperament of each creature. If noise doesn’t settle the issue, then rutting takes place, resulting in audible antler clicks.

The Pilis Park Forest authorities organise professional tour guides at five separate locations, including Budakeszi Wildlife Park, Szentendre and Gödöllő, all starting at 5.30pm. See the exact schedule here – it’s all in Hungarian but the dates and times are easy to follow.

Tours are given in Hungarian but there should be enough English speakers in the group to explain the basics if needed. Visitors should wear warm, waterproof clothing and hiking boots appropriate for the woods. A flashlight, binoculars and a backpack with a drink and raincoat are also handy. You can take photographs, but not with a flash.