The local council for District VI, Terézváros, has just published its plans for the renovation of Jókai tér, the revamp also underlining the literary ties with the writer it is named after, 19th-century novelist Mór Jókai.

A statue of writer Mór Jókai stands in the middle of the square named after him, just behind Oktogon, facing Liszt Ferenc tér across Andrássy út. Before too long, this literary giant responsible for The Man with the Golden Touch will be watching over an entirely new Jókai tér, where passers-by will be able to stop and lose themselves in a book for a while.

As reported by, in front of the statue, a reading corner will be set up, backdropped by natural green, plus a pergola with tables and benches. The street furniture will be of uniform style, the trees will stay in place and flower beds lined with perennials installed. A new cover will also be put up.

Bicycle storage, public toilets and a small stage for performances will be other additions. Around the park the upper speed limit will be 30km/h, with improved parking in place.