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The market hall of District XVIII, Pestszentlőrinc, is a towering, castle-like building, whose corner bastion contains the splendid strudel shop Míves Rétes. We headed out towards the airport in south-east Pest to give it a try.

In truth, there are few reasons to head down to Pestszentlőrinc, District XVIII – it’s somewhere you pass on the way to the airport. But if you’re out this way anyway, it might be opportune to pop over to Lőrinc market, and into this lovely little strudel shop.

If you are facing the monumental market building, on the left-hand side, in the corner bastion, you find Míves Rétes. Its façade is straightforward and inviting, and when you enter, the staff afford you the kind of attention often praised by customers on the Míves Rétes Facebook page.

But the reason you’re here, of course, is for the quality strudel. The pastry is crispy, slightly crunchy, exactly the right thickness for strudel. It doesn’t break apart, but still encases the filling of real fruit, and soft and melt-in-the-mouth textures.

The varieties are the usual ones, the team at Míves Rétes don’t go in for experimentation. There are roughly 20 strudels with one or two fillings, from sweet to savoury (all 370 HUF), plus sugar- and lactose-free versions (all 390 HUF). 

We’re talking pretty big and nourishing portions that are so delicious that two can be packed away even if you’re not feeling particularly hungry. Those living locally can order it to their door, still fresh and warm.

Míves Rétes
District XVIII. Balassa Bálint utca 2-6 
Current opening hours: Tue-Sat 8am-6pm 
Tram 50 from Határ út to Thököly út 


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