The protective cladding has just been removed from the building of the Corvin department store on Blaha Lujza tér, allowing for the original façade to be seen again. The landmark building, nearly a century old but given a cheap makeover 50 years ago, is integral to the busy square soon due for renovation.

As we reported recently, the renovation of Blaha Lujza tér should soon begin, both of the square itself and the historic Corvin department store lining its south side.

Opened in 1926 this once elegant building was designed by Zoltán Reiss, the interiors and surfaces by Ödön Beck. It was decorated with works by Fülöp and Simon Pongrácz. Beyond the elegant glass-roofed entrance hall, its four floors awaited customers with a variety of porticos and playful features.

The Corvin got its tin appearance in 1967 because at the time it was considered that artificial stone cladding would have been too expensive, so the original façade was covered with metallic sheeting.

In 2018, this façade was also removed, and a protective cladding – depicting the original exterior – covered the building. This itself has now been torn down, leaving only the scaffolding, ready for Corvin’s renovation.