Hungarians break out in communal applause for local health workers


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3/24/2020 3:48 PM

Inspired by the initiative started up in Italy, residents of Káposztásmegyer, at the northern edge of Budapest, have started breaking out in communal applause every evening, offering thanks to local health workers.

As this video clip shows, in the communal flats in Káposztásmegyer, local residents have started to give communal applause to local health workers. At 8pm every evening, songs and clapping ring out from people’s windows around Lóversény tér.

The video presenter speaks to two of the residents, one a woman in a wheelchair exercising her dog, the other via a speakerphone in the door-entry system. In Hungarian, they say how the applause gives everyone strength and a sense of solidarity. The spontaneous session ends with a cry of ‘Thank You!’ from one resident, and the promise, shouted between the tower blocks, to do the same again tomorrow.

A number of communal applause Facebook groups have now sprung up around Hungary – here’s one.

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