The pandemic situation in recent months has been a defining experience for many, with kindness and goodwill shown across Budapest to overcome hardship together. This is now commemorated in the latest firewall painting by urban muralists Színes Város, ‘Let Sourdough Be the Bridge’. The work can be found where Károly körút meets Gerlóczy utca, between Astoria and Deák tér.

During quarantine, it was often said that Hungary had become the land of ten million bakers, as everyone threw themselves into baking bread at home, and especially sourdough, so these fermented, globular loaves became a symbol of the epidemic. In a figurative sense, however, sourdough is a sign of progress, of a person heading in the right direction, driving change. Hence the mural, based on a drawing by artist Victoria Hitka, gaining its title, Let Sourdough Be the Bridge.

With this picture, the city is openly paying tribute to and thanking everyone for paying attention to each other and being able to work together in such an extraordinary situation. In addition to being colourful, it carries the important message that Budapest has come together, we have survived the past few months together. The epidemic connected generations, brought together neighbours and residents in need of help and helping out, and new communities and groups were formed, friendships were formed, and a lot of creative energy was unleashed, from communal concerts to balcony vegetable gardens. Everyone did their bit, but some contributed just that little bit more.

The work was created by artists from Színes Város over 420 square metres of wall surface using nearly 180 litres of paint. The other side of Károly körút, along Rumbách Sebestyén utca and nearby streets, are plenty of examples created by the Színes Város team relating to other aspects of city history.