Not that we’re recommending dealing with lockdown by boozing or becoming too friendly with the wine glass – but as most of us normally like a drink or two during the week, so it’s good to know how to get quality beer, wines and spirits delivered, without the risk of going to the store.

All areas of the hospitality industry have turned to home delivery, including restaurants, delis, small producers and even breweries. Pubs, wine boutiques and spirit stores have also followed suit, so now you don’t have to leave your home for a good bottle of wine, champagne, craft beer or a quality spirit.

Wines & sparkling wines

Bortársaság has a large selection of wines and champagnes, both national and international. They are seasoned deliverers, so the orders can be received pretty fast. Boriroda offers a similarly wide range of drinks, and they also post online wine-tasting sessions on their Facebook page.

Vino Castillo
excels in Spanish wines and cavas, while Vinificando has great Italian wines, sparkling wines, champagnes and digestifs. Another good source of quality Italian wine is the DOC Vino Bar. The popularity of Austrian wines has skyrocketed in the past ten years – those wishing to try the tipples of Hungary’s neighbours can browse the Kisbécs website.

offers great spirits and wines from all over the world, while VinoPiano has mostly Hungarian products and natural wines. Artizán is prepared to do deliveries at short notice, you can even receive your order within 24 hours. Apart from wines, they have craft beer, coffee and spirits. 

Beers & spirits

Bottle Life is a good option for those looking for unique spirits, while Whiskynet has one of the largest selection of drinks in Hungary. You can order spirits and craft beers from Hudi Hudi as well, and they also make it possible to send a few drinks to healthcare workers, to show our appreciation and to help them relax after a rough shift. Although now is not the time to host parties, you can still use some of your spare time to learn how to make cocktails – the drinks and accessories found on the Koktélbolt online store are all that you need.

If you would rather spend your time tasting beers, Beerselection is a good choice, with plenty of exciting ales you have probably never tried before. The online store of Csak a jó sör is also a decent website to browse when visiting them in person isn’t possible. 

Collaborations & initiatives

Beerporn has created a list of local breweries to order from, to make it easier for us to search for our favourites. Also helping out the local craft scene are the team at Monyó tap house, who offer a yummy package with all revenue going in support of local pubs.