Minecraft is no stranger to the creative works of players creating real-life locations in the virtual environment. New York City, Westminster Abbey, even a full reconstruction of the Philippines, have made their way to the maps of Minecraft. Now, the call has gone out for the younger residents of Budapest to help create the Hungarian capital city, in a project known as MineBudapest.

Construction will continue until 10 May, and anyone interested is invited to help build the virtual city. The aim of the project is for children to discover and get to know certain parts of Budapest – including famous buildings or even their immediate surroundings – in a fun and unique way. Already, locations such as Heroes' Square, Keleti station and the Margaret Island Water Tower have been created.

Csaba Faix, the managing director of Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit (BVA), said in connection with the project:

"It's even more important now that the kids stay home, which is why we've brought forward this agenda from this summer and autumn".

What’s left to build?

Organisers have certain buildings requested for players to construct, including the Ervin Szabó Library, Károly Gardens and Szent László Hospital. Once designs have been submitted for all the buildings, the best ones will be chosen to be included in the map. The organisers stress that it’s important construction adheres to the pre-determined 1:1 scale of the project, or buildings won’t be able to be installed.

The top three winners will, of course, be rewarded.

The steps to participate are easy. First, register on the website. Second, begin your construction in Minecraft. Once your building is complete, submit it for approval. More information can be found on the website