It may seem like a paradox when everyone should be staying indoors, but we should also venture outside from time to time in order to maintain our mental and physical wellbeing. The curfew restrictions allow recreational and sports-related outdoor activities, but there are a few important things to bear in mind when going out.

The official lockdown announcement states that: Individual recreational activities including sports and walking – possibly in green areas – alone or with the members of one’s own household is allowed, keeping a distance of at least 1.5 metres from others. (Source: Magyar Közlöny).


Going out into nature can be a good option, especially if complying with the rules above. However, it’s strongly recommended to find less popular paths. Right now, the main goal should be getting some fresh air for a change, rather than trying to find the best scenery – and the unbeaten tracks may even be more exciting than the usual ones. While the next tip is something we should always pay attention to, now it’s more important than ever to refrain from littering or leaving anything behind in the parks and forests.

Hiking on weekdays rather than at weekends is also beneficial, as there will be fewer people outside. These are also recommendations given by the management of the Pilis Park Forest just outside Budapest – Hungarian-only but map available here and the Duna-Ipoly National Park also close at hand.


Since the outbreak, and probably also because of the sunny weather, more and more people in the capital have started using bikes to get around. This prompted the Budapest transport company (BKK) to create new temporary bike lanes, while the monthly fee for MOL Bubi hire bikes has been reduced to only 100 forints.

Due to these changes, complete newbies are also hopping on bikes these days, which means that we need to look out for each other even more, with a lot of caution and patience. The Hungarian Cyclists’ Club put together a safety guide for those riding in the city, which you can find here.


Running is a hot topic at the moment, so we asked one of the trainers at adidas Runners, Áron Kiss, to provide a little clarity. Right now, running in busy locations is not recommended, as there is no official information about what distance should be kept from others to run safely. Adidas Runners Budapest is holding free online training sessions on Facebook instead, from classic strengthening exercises to relaxing stretching sessions.

Those who do decide to go out for a jog, should definitely stay away from the most popular courses and try to keep a large, even ten-metre distance from others. Cross-country is a good alternative, but most will probably be running on asphalt and cement, so a soft-soled shoe is essential. Technique is also very important, as experts recommend shorter steps and smooth landing.

Áron also advises on the importance of preventive exercises, including releasing foot tension with a tennis ball, while the energy-retaining abilities of the Achilles tendon can be increased by heel lifting exercised two or three times per week on staircases. To help out other parts of the leg and the hips, he recommends using foam rollers.