A new challenge is spreading across the internet, and it’s the perfect way to turn the stifling hours of quarantine into something fun. Using only the clothes, props and backdrops found around the home, people are trying to recreate famous works of art, and posting the results alongside the originals on social media.

Museums around the world are issuing the challenge, and now Budapest's Museum of Fine Arts has joined in, too! Each week, four works of art are chosen from the museum’s collection and posted to their Instagram page. Participants should use the hashtag #legyelteismualkotas ('You can also be a work of art'), and tag the museum @szepmuveszeti to be entered into the competition. The best submissions will be featured on the museum’s Instagram, as well as their website.

Other museums around the world have already been on the forefront of this initiative, and Instagram is full of great examples. English hashtags for similar challenges include #covidclassics and #behindthescenes.

This week, the pieces in the challenge include Female Head from Tarentum (a bust of a woman from the 5th century BC), Man with Cat from 1569, Jan Steen’s Brothel Scene (1660s) and Cheerful Company by Willem Pietersz (1620s). 

Entries are already coming in, and the results show the kind of creativity that can arise from people stuck within the same four walls for far too long!