Although large family gatherings may not be on the menu, Easter is soon upon us. If you would like to indulge yourself this year by ordering an Easter menu to your door, Sofitel has created the perfect combination, from the French and Hungarian kitchens.

Selected delicacies, traditional treats – and all in the comfort of your own home. If your family chooses to leave the saucepans in the cupboard for spring’s liveliest celebration, Sofitel can take care of all your top-quality favourites – this year, you can order their five-star Easter feast for home delivery!

Keeping strict tradition in mind while pleasing those who favour novelty, Sofitel has created a combination of springtime classics from your childhood while delving into the traditions from another culinary canon. The following menus are available:

Traditional Hungarian Easter menu (4-6 people)
Smoked ham, Sofitel homemade braided brioche, boiled eggs, horseradish cream (15,000 HUF).

French Easter menu (4-6 people)
Spicy-skin leg of lamb, new potatoes with chives, grilled spring vegetables, Dobos cake (25,000 HUF).

Order by phone from +36 1 235 1230 or by email from

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