The Budapest public transport network (BKK) has introduced a new schedule for weekdays based on the Saturday timetable, while keeping frequent departure times for busier lines. Night services have also been reduced.

With passenger traffic dropping by 80-90% since the measures put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus, BKK initially brought in the school-holiday schedule for weekdays, but even that turned out to be more than currently needed.

With various new curfew laws, closed schools and universities, most people working from home and places of entertainment closed, the many buses, trams and trains around the city are in far less demand.

However, BKK are making sure that the routes still operating will not be overcrowded or even filled by more than 30%, to counteract the spread of the virus. The main metro, tram and bus lines will continue to run relatively frequently during peak hours.

Metro lines 2, 3 and 4, tram line 1 and trams on the Kiskörút will run every five minutes, M3 metro replacement buses every 1-2 minutes, the 4/6 trams every 3-4 minutes, buses serving Keleti station and beyond on Thököly út every 2-3 minutes

Express buses 7E, 97E, 85 and 20E, as well as trolleybuses 80 and 81 will have a busier schedule in peak hours than the regular Saturday timetable

• The 179 Csepel line and the 10 Albertirsa line as well as the 269, 297 and 298 Telebusz lines will continue running on weekdays, despite their absence on Saturdays

• To allow passengers to keep an appropriate distance between each other, larger capacity vehicles are running on bus lines 31, 161, 168E, 77, 82, 130, 95, 202E, 33, 109, 36, 123 and 148, and on tram line 14

Buses 194M, 223M and 254 continue to provide alternative routes for the section of the M3 metro line currently under renovation

• The direct bus 100E from/to Budapest Airport is not running – but the stopping service 200E is still operational

There are changes concerning night routes as well, as some lines are running less frequently, creating further changes in schedules. According to the new timelines, night buses within the city centre depart every 15 minutes. Towards the more populated areas of the outer districts, vehicles run every 30 minutes, while even further out, every 60 minutes. The last trains of metro lines M2 and M4 depart at around 11.30pm on weekdays and Saturdays respectively.

Before heading out, check the BKK Futár app, with the most up-to-date schedules and information. It is available on iOS and android, or can be used by clicking here. Its settings allow you to personalise your journey, whether you want to walk the whole way or as little as possible, and also offers routes combined with bicycles or MOL Bubi hire bikes.