Smart pedestrian crossing comes to Budapest


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12/2/2019 10:26 AM

A new, safer LED pedestrian crossing has just been installed in the residential district of Zugló, in front of Herman Ottó Primary School.

The pedestrian crossing outside the school has just received a technological makeover. Servicing the intersection of Egressy út and Kövér Lajos utca, the crossing is now monitored by a camera with LED lights on each side of the road.

SafeCross is an innovative new technology which employs a far-reaching LED light to signal pedestrians to drivers. According to SafeCross: “Most pedestrian collisions happen because of poor visibility. Lots of accidents could be prevented if drivers detected pedestrians on time”. Six LED lights from both directions are activated immediately, in addition to a reflector on each side of the carriageway to illuminate the pedestrians crossing.

Currently, the LEDs are in test mode, constantly blinking to get used to the novelty of the car.

Egressy út will become the first smart zebra crossing in Budapest, and is close to several schools, sports fields and day camps. The location has been chosen as two students were hit at this intersection in 2018.

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