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Where to see Budapest in bloom

Clear your window box and prepare the garden – the sun’s coming out and spring’s round the corner. Starting next month, here are the most colourful botanical events and attractions around Budapest.

Snowdrop celebration at Alcsút Arboretum

Considered the harbinger of spring, the snowdrop is among the earliest flowers to bloom after winter. Throughout March, this bulbous white-petal plant brightens the arboretum at Alcsút, an hour’s drive from Budapest.

Date: 1-31 March More details Kiskertpiac – Slow Gastro

The first Sunday of March brings blooms to Anker’t, a popular downtown ruin pub. Kiskertpiac (Small Garden Market) is the place to find seeds, seedlings, flowers, herbs and all sorts of tools for gardening. Visitors can also indulge in healthy foods made from local ingredients.

Date: 3 March More details

Urban Jungle Budapest

At the next get-together of the city’s metropolitan gardeners, there will be a presentation by and Q&A session with Tomi Koltai, a plant expert with Urban Jungle Budapest. The location of this four-day fair is still unknown, but many new houseplants are sure to be available between 28 and 31 March.

Urban Jungle Budapest Meet-up

Date: 14 March More details

Urban Jungle Budapest Fair

Date: 28-31 March More details

Spring Orchid & Bromeliad Exhibition & Fair

The beautifully delicate orchid is the favourite of many a plant lover. But even those who successfully manage to cultivate their own are often dazzled by these amazing rarities. This orchid exhibition focuses on specialities from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia, with domestic and international vendors, and demonstrations by experts in plant protection.

Date: 21-25 March More details

Spring Garden Exhibition & Fair 2019

On the southern slope of Gellért Hill, you’ll find the Buda Arboretum Nature Reserve and a university campus. Here the spring plant fair is both a pleasant morning out and a practical way to pick up many plants at more favourable prices than you might find in the city. Flowers, plants, horticultural supplies and services, gastronomic delights, close-to-nature design solutions, exhibitions, lectures and various eco-friendly events await green-fingered visitors.

Date: 26-28 April More details

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