New video presents magical winter moments in Budapest


  • Petra Berende

1/10/2018 4:32 PM

A recently shot Budapest video echoes the magic of Christmas – and a lost heritage. Created by a pair of Canadian travel vloggers called Feather and the Wind, this new mini movie captures winter across the Hungarian capital. Constantly prowling the planet from Toronto to Tokyo for filming locations, the dynamic duo touched down in Budapest to capture the city during the festive season. Glittering under a myriad lights, the destination held a particular sparkle for one of the filmmakers, whose father was born in Hungary. Slow-motion scenes meld into fast-paced footage showing the spin of the Budapest Eye and merry-making crowds at Yuletide markets.

Budapest’s iconic landmarks glow in wintry settings in a mini motion picture conceived by a couple of Canadian globetrotting vloggers, Feather and the Wind. Opening with a quote by 20th-century Hungarian composer György Ligeti, the video begins by comparing the Magyar metropolis, often referred to as the Paris of the East, to the French capital. Changing scenes of Budapest are masterfully filmed to present a beautiful blend of vintage and modern-day attractions that make this city a one-of-a-kind destination to discover.

The painstaking care in capturing these scenes is no coincidence. One of the traveling duo, filmmaker Wes Kelemen, had more than just a feel for the subject when the pair was here to document the city in moving motion. “My father was born in Miskolc and moved to Canada many years ago,” says Wes.“I didn’t know much about my Hungarian heritage growing up but once I started traveling I became more curious about my roots.” A first visit to Budapest in 2015 inspired the globetrotting artist and his other half Fel to venture into more off-beat areas in the country, including multiple trips to the Hungarian countryside.

Photo: Adam Kuźniar

“Last year, my girlfriend and I made travel videos in a few different locations in Hungary. We visited Debrecen, Miskolc, Eger, Szentendre, Győr and Siófok,” adds the vlogger, who finally managed to explore and film the city of his forebears. “My father hasn’t been back to Hungary since his youth, so it was really moving for him to see videos of my experiences in his native land. I was able to meet the couple who now live in his childhood home and even the neighbor who watched my father grow up.”

Photo: Feather And The Wind

On their most recent trip to Hungary, Wes and Fel dived deeper into Budapest to film the city’s merry vibe during the holiday season. A newly uploaded video on the couple’s YouTube channel highlights classic landmarks around the capital, from Buda’s monumental Citadel atop Gellért Hill to Pest’s Heroes’ Square. The camera also zooms in on the city’s lively Christmas markets, enhanced with special light shows projected onto the façades of historic Budapest buildings. Other scenes show a tour boat leisurely cruising down the Danube in front of Parliament and cars zipping round fast-paced Clark Ádám Square.

Photo: Feather And The Wind

“After three trips here, Budapest is starting to feel like a second home,” says Wes, describing his fascination with the city. “I’ve only visited in the winter and always look forward to the Christmas markets. This year I wanted to make a short film about the holiday season and I hope it inspires others to experience Budapest for themselves.”

Photo: Feather And The Wind

The couple is set to return to Hungary's capital in February to continue their exploration of all of the exciting attractions Budapest has to offer. “We hope to visit Pécs this time, as well. I would love to make a film about Busójárás in Mohács since I think it would be a great experience to share with the world,” says Wes.

For additional travel stories and inspiration to see more of Hungary, check out the YouTube channel of Feather and the Wind.

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