After spinning for half a decade in Paris at the Place de la Concorde, a 55-meter-tall Ferris wheel is now being erected in the heart of downtown Pest. Standing in the same site where the Sziget Eye whirled in recent years, the newly established Budapest Eye is scheduled to welcome riders by March 15th, and will operate there for one year, according to project management. Beyond providing thrilling opportunities to soar high over the city center aboard a gigantic carnival attraction once again, the Budapest Eye should present a spectacular illuminated backdrop to the downtown nightlife scene.

This massive Ferris wheel that lit up the Champs-Élysées as the “Roue de Paris” for five years was brought to Budapest in recent days, and workers are now putting the finishing touches on it in District V’s Erzsébet Square with a goal of welcoming riders by March 15th. While the Budapest Eye is a different model of Ferris wheel than the Sziget Eye was, riders will enjoy similarly panoramic views over the city center from its 55-meter-high apex.

The Budapest Eye’s gondolas are half-closed so that riders can enjoy unobstructed vistas from their compartment while remaining safely contained. Even those who do not ride the Budapest Eye can still enjoy it, as the Ferris wheel’s LED-light display will provide a beautifully rotating backdrop to the downtown scene at night.

Ticket prices for the Budapest Eye will be the same as they were for the Sziget Eye: 2,400 forints per adult and 1,500 forints per child. Since the surface of this grand Ferris wheel can be decorated in a variety of ways, we look forward to seeing how the Budapest Eye will brighten up the city scenery just in time for spring – keep reading We Love Budapest for more details.