Located next to Nyugati Station, ZSIRÁF is a sprawling new beer garden awaiting guests with a gigantic projection screen, a wide drink selection, and a great atmosphere.

One of the best things about summer is definitely the hours that we get to spend with friends at outdoor gathering places, but if we want such an experience, it can difficult to break away from the vicinity of Deák Square. However, this seems to have changed with the recent appearance of ZSIRÁF (“GIRAFFE”), located in the middle of Eiffel Square next to Nyugati Station, which seems like a potential future favorite for many during this summer season.

The place is basically an outdoor beer garden, with the unconcealed intention of gathering as many regulars as possible during the European Football Championship. Success is guaranteed by the 30-square-meter projector screen and the carefully selected assortment of beers.

The bar features six types of craft beer, eight types of draft beer, and a variety of beer cocktails, yet the prices are quite moderate: the beer of the house costs 490 forints, a bottle of Invisible Bikini is 990 forints, and a bottle of Wheat Raddler costs 980 forints. In addition, they also have the table tap, also dubbed “giraffe”, which many regard to be one of the most important accessories of hot summer nights. The shots also reflect the “giraffe” theme, as they are available in larger portions, as well.

One of the best features of the beer garden is that it’s unique in terms of design, location, and atmosphere, as well, which makes it a perfect summertime haunt with good music, drinks, table tennis, and tasty food. The latter is provided by a mobile container of Sophie & Ben Bistro, famous for its delicious hamburgers.

While this Eiffel Square location has had a hit-or-miss history with a parade of different bars and restaurants booming and busting here, we bet that the friendly feel of ZSIRÁF could make this a genuine institution of Pest nightlife. ZSIRÁF
Address: Budapest 1062, Teréz Boulevard 53