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2/24/2015 7:05 PM

Every day people visit Budapest and fall in love. The capital of Hungary is a vibrant and dynamic city with plenty of reasons to captivate tourists, from the incredible history and architecture to the huge nightlife scene. Spend the day exploring the city and then party all night with new friends in the famous ruin pubs. With a sublime mix of old and new, Budapest is undoubtedly Europe's coolest city. So how do visitors capture Budapest? We checked out Instagram to try to find out. With an adventure around every corner and an experience of a lifetime, what are you waiting for?

Devour the city

Discover it on foot

Surround yourself with beauty

Photo: Fanni_herman - Instagram

Inside and out

Photo: Leerobb - Instagram

Experience something new

Photo: Nhop10 - Instagram

Capture the moment

Get around on two wheels

Photo: Nadia_morais

Find something unique

Photo: Withafastfuse - Instagram

Fill the day with fun

Photo: Jacklinsuarezz - Instagram

Peak through a window

Soak in a bath

See the lights come on

Photo: Disizpierrick - Instagram

Party all night long

Photo: Mimariceaybuke - Instagram

Watch the sunrise

Photo: Connorpatrick3 - Instagram

Seize the day

Seize the city

Cover photo:

mehmetcan07 - Instagram

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