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Here's how to pronounce it correctly: Boo-da-PESHT


  • Pákozdi Nóra

11/02/2015 1.00am

Budapest has been selected for a toughness honour. It's been included as one of 32 hard-to-pronounce names such as Worcestershire (Wusta-sheer) and Reykjavik ("REY-kya-vik"). While we think that pronouncing Hungary's capital, in comparison, is child's play, still many tourists and newcomers to the city have trouble saying Budapest "properly." Really all you have to do is give us a "Buddah" to begin, and a red hot "pessht" at the end - now you try! has collected 32 tough-to-pronounce places with the aim of helping English-speakers with their pronunciation. In this way travellers can reach a destination with at least the correct way to say the said-destination down pat. While the Hungarian language is famous for being one of the hardest, it seems that the capital city - Budapest - is challenging enough in itself.

We've heard Boo-dah-pest, Bjoo-dah-pest and Bud-im-pest among the mispronunciations of enthusiastic tourists. Of course when a tourist has had a few drinks saying cheers in Hungarian ("egészségedre”) becomes a challenge of epic proportions, and around about this time Budapest even becomes Bucharest (which of course is Romania's capital!!!).

Of course we know it's tough to say Budapest! There's no doubt about it; and that's why this tourist guide is so great. Now more people can get a chance to practice the Hungarian capital's name and maybe - just maybe - people will fall in love with the photo they have chosen to illustrate the word and decide to come visit!

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