The beautifully refurbished Matild Palace, integral to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been enriched once more with gems such as The Duchess cocktail bar and the Spago restaurant. The former Downtown Café, once frequented by famed novelist Gyula Krúdy, has just reopened as the Matild Café & Cabaret and is finally shining with its old splendour. Entering the Art Nouveau interior of the Cabaret, you will be immediately captivated by the bohemian café atmosphere which, given the feathered logo on the tableware, the revolving stage that can be raised and lowered, and the piano in the middle, has something of The Great Gatsby about it. Like Spago and The Duchess, the elaboration of the gastronomic concept is based on the traditional dishes prepared with painstaking care by US-Austrian star chef Wolfgang Puck and his team. The best Esterházy cake you’ll taste in a long while awaits. (x)