The Klotild Palace now rises in its original splendour with its twin sister at the gateway to Elizabeth Bridge in Pest. And just as the south building was once the centre of city bustle and bourgeois life, this renovated landmark carries on this function: the Matild Palace has not only become a high-end hotel, but also a restaurant, cabaret and sky bar. Its recent transformation has combined the atmosphere of Pest at the turn of the century with the original elegance of the listed building and that of a five-star luxury hotel, 120 years of history illustrated by the nine-metre-high historic photo montage in the lobby. The five-storey hotel comprises 111 rooms and 19 suites, including cosy suites reminiscent of top-floor lofts. Matild Palace is much more than a top-quality lodging: entertainment and gastronomy are equally accommodated, overseen by world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. The Spago by Wolfgang Puck restaurant showcases the culinary experiences of Beverly Hills and Budapest, while the sky bar, The Duchess, allows you to sip superior cocktails amid golden peacocks and giraffes as Pest twilight twinkles. Opening later in 2021, the Matild Café & Cabaret takes guests back to the world of old Pest coffeehouses and nightspots.

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