Kamaraerdő in District XI can be easily reached from downtown Budapest by tram 41 until the last stop, well away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you find yourself in nature, where you can hike in the cool shade of the forest. Follow the trail marked with T signs, 12 in all, providing information about the history, wildlife and geological structure of the area. There are interesting tree and shrub species such as sessile, Turkey oak, hawthorn, wintercreeper and blackthorn. Amid the greenery, you might spot buzzards, black woodpeckers or even long-tailed tits. Walking down the 4-km long winding path takes about two hours, if you stop at all the stations. The highest is 224 metres, on Vadász-hegy, Hunter’s Hill, where a reasonably short but rather steep route leads – watch out for protruding roots. Fortunately, the other stops are easier, on Nagyrét, for instance, there are campfire sites, benches and even a playground nearby for the youngest hikers.