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Renovated themed playground in Hűvösvölgy reopens with outdoor gym


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03/06/2021 9.24am

Displaying the shapes of Hungary’s woodland creatures and native trees, a new themed playground has reopened at Nagyrét in Hűvösvölgy and also features a 12-piece outdoor gym.

Surrounded by mixed-oak forest, the three-hectare site at Nagyrét has been developed at a cost of 30 million forints by the Hungarian Hiking Association and the Pilis Park Forest organisation. The first phase, a sports court, opened in 2019.

Photo: Pilisi Parkerdő

Now the themed playground and outdoor gym have been unveiled, surrounded by the Buda hills, easily accessible by public transport. Bus 63 to Villám utca takes five minutes from Hűvösvölgy (tram 56/61).

Photo: Pilisi Parkerdő

Photo: Pilisi Parkerdő

Photo: Pilisi Parkerdő

The open-air fitness park includes bench press, parallel rails, a rowing machine and a double recliner. The island layout not only provides a safe environment, but also ensures that everyone can enjoy a little privacy while they exercise and take in the fresh air of the great outdoors.

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