This was the first café and confectionery to open specifically for residents of Buda, back in 1914. Déryné owes its reputation to the renowned Auguszt family and their excellent coffees and pastries. The former confectionery now serves its guests as a restaurant, and has always occupied a unique, central role in Budapest – the locale offered its own type of bread before this ever became a widespread trend, and for years, this was practically the only non-hotel venue serving brunch. Owner Kristóf Kovács is always up-to-date on international gastronomical trends, and visitors can easily appreciate this when visiting the bistro. It was his dream also to restore the locale’s former splendour by carrying out a thorough renovation, which was finished by the autumn of 2020. The elegant, Parisian atmosphere of the renewed Déryné is ideal for enjoying excellent cocktails and their tasty dishes as well.

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