The pedestrianised waterside walkway between Chain Bridge and Elizabeth Bridge is called Danube Promenade (Duna-korzó). Once the scene of elegant passeggiatas either side of World War I, the promenade changed character with the building of imposing chain hotels from the 1960s onwards. Today these five-star lodgings, the InterContinental, the Marriott and the Sofitel, define the skyline, their upscale restaurants and bars offering superb views of the Danube, its bridges and Buda beyond. For pedestrians, the Duna-korzó remains one of the best strolls in the city, lined with benches and statues such as the Kiskirálylány (‘The Princess’) sitting on a railing. Alongside runs tram 2, whose passengers enjoy one of the finest slices of cityscape, past the ornate Vigadó theatre and the main departure point for sightseeing and regularly scheduled city-transport boats. The Duna-korzó is also the perfect vantage point to take in the firework displays of August 20th and New Year’s Eve as colours explode across the Danube.