Sweet steam wafts through the air – The best hot drinks in Budapest for the winter


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25/01/2023 4.46pm

Watching the falling snow and wrapping your cold hands around a hot mug, while sweet and spicy flavours sweep through your body. There aren't many winter-related sensations we enjoy more. While waiting for the snowy bit, we have rounded up the best winter drinks in Budapest, from salted caramel hot chocolate to beetroot latte and golden milk.

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1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 1

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Bartók Béla út is brimming with superb gastro spots, including MITZI. The friendly place boasts a superb hot drink menu. You can warm up with homemade eggnog, grog, and mulled wine at the cosy and bohemian café, and it's worth doing so, as the drinks are delicious.

WLB tip: homemade eggnog, which is available until the new drinks menu comes in February

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nor/ma grand


1027 Budapest, Margit Körút 75-87

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Where else can you get the most out of the winter spirits than at our favourite Scandinavian-style café, nor/ma? Overlooking Széllkapu Park, the glassed-in space is the perfect place to treat yourself to a delicious hot drink. Spiced golden milk or a hot apple drink are both pretty effective in beating the winter blues.

WLB tip: Golden Milk Cocktail

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1053 Budapest, Papnövelde utca 3.

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Entering Ahoy is like stepping into a Hallmark movie. The windows are steam-glazed and a cosy warmth welcomes you inside, along with the smell of waffles and hot chocolate. It's heaven for those who love bold and sweet hot drink bombs, which can be varied with different toppings, sprinkles and flavours. The strongest of us, who can resist the delicious chocolate fillings, can opt for a simple, sugar-free version. We failed, though, and asked for everything from toppings to sprinkles.

WLB tip: Salted caramel dark chocolate with whipped cream, caramel topping and hazelnut spread

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1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 3.


In the summer, Tereza brings a touch of Mexico into our life with its cocktails, authentic dishes, and large garden. They also know that the Latin American atmosphere is even more welcome in the cold season. That's why they've created their warm, alcoholic cocktails, where rum and tequila bases are paired with flavours reminiscent of Mexico. At Casa Hot Choco, tequila is sweetened with almond liqueur and hot chocolate, the rum-infused Té Caliente spices up chilly days with sour cherry, tea, cloves, and cinnamon, and the Noche Blanca warms you up after a frosty day with Tequila Anejo, vanilla liqueur and house-made horchata (a special local milky drink). Leave the dullness and snowy rain behind and rejoice at Tereza. 

WLB tip: All of the above, especially the Casa Hot Choco 

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Café Zsivágó


1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 55

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Café Zsivágó is a peak cosy place, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the pleasant part of winter in Russian novels: sitting by the samovar. As well as Russian delicacies, they've had a rich and solid hot drinks menu for years, with milk and cocoa-based, alcoholic and non-alcoholic delicacies, and their hot chocolate is also worth the calories.

WLB tip: After Eight Hot Chocolate

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Csészényi Kávézó


1013 Budapest, Krisztina körút 34.

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Csészényi Café on Krisztina körút awaits with not-too-sweet but thick and creamy hot chocolates. As the texture of their chocolate is quite dense, it's worth choosing flavours with dried fruit. The pieces won't sink to the bottom of the drink but can be found randomly as tiny flavour bombs as you dive into the hot cocoa delights. A large green tiled stove enhances the cosy, warm effect in the shop.

WLB tip: Hot chocolate with orange

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Madal Café - Újlipótváros


1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernő utca 3.

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If you're looking for warming treats in the winter, but still want to stay on the healthy side, Madal is the place to go. The speciality café's colourful hot drinks (beetroot, turmeric, matcha, or pumpkin spice latte) will not only tempt you with their flavour but also with their beautiful colours. When tasting the drinks, don't expect the usual sugary experience, as the drinks at Madal are much more subdued. Still, the sophisticated, delicious ingredients make it worth trying these more grown-up, healthier versions.

WLP-tip: Golden Latte

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Rengeteg RomKafé


1062 Budapest, Szinyei Merse utca 22.

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Budapest's favourite teddy bear-themed hot chocolate place moved to a new, bigger location on Szinyei Merse utca. Here, you can feel like a kid again. Hot chocolates rule the roost, complemented by an old favourite: hot marzipan drinks. You might bump into crazy-sounding flavour combinations, but we urge you to take on the challenge.

WLB tip: ask for the recommendation of the owner, Tibor Szabó

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1113 Budapest, Kosztolányi Dezső tér 4.


Kornél is one of the nicest places at the quieter end of Bartók Béla út, where children and child-minded adults can have a great time. The café is also right by the Feneketlen Lake, which makes for a pleasant walk even in this unpleasant, grey weather. Don't resist the temptation to warm up after a breath of fresh air with a variety of hot drink specialities at Kornél, Orange blossom or lavender coffee and delicious turmeric golden milk to let your tired limbs relax.

WLB-tip: Golden Milk

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