5 great Easter activities for all the family


13/04/2022 2.55pm

Easter brings the family together, and there's so much to do in Budapest over the holiday weekend, from egg hunts with the Easter Bunny to a night walk in the woods. Kids can also ride a pony and meet little pets at Margaret Island Zoo. Here are five great ideas for days out in and around Budapest.

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Budakeszi Wildlife Park


2092 Budakeszi, 0210/8. hrsz.

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Opened in 1979, Budakeszi Wildlife Park can be found in woods on the edge of the city, a more natural setting than Budapest Zoo in town. Here you can see the forest creatures native to the Carpathian Basin in their natural habitat, including lynx, bear and eagles. From 6.45pm on Good Friday, 15 April, anyone who loves adventure can take part in a night tour of the Budakeszi Wildlife Park. Be sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp in your backpack, and perhaps a warm drink and clothes for everyone. The walk lasts until around 8.30pm, registration required by contacting Bus 22/222 from Széll Kálmán tér to Szanatórium utca, then a 15min walk through the woods. Event details

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Budapest Spring Fair


1052 Budapest, Károly körút

Apart from the regular small-batch products and delicious food, the Budapest Spring Fair will turn a central square a bunny village over the holiday weekend. Easter-themed family activities, games for the kids and workshops await all members of the family at Városháza Park alongside Deák Ferenc tér. If you get tired of walking, you can also hop on a carousel. Dynamite Dudes and other live groups brighten the atmosphere with music and spring vibes. Visitors can also peruse the beautiful painted eggs of the Míves Egg Museum from Zengővárkony. Metro to Deák Ferenc tér. Event details.

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Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens


1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 6-12.

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Budapest Zoo offers all kinds of animal activities over the holiday weekend. There will be bunnies looking for some care and stroking, workshops and all kinds of fun from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Partner attraction, Margaret Island Zoo is laying on pony rides, Easter-themed workshops and pet shows. M1 metro to Széchenyi fürdő for Budapest Zoo/Tram 4-6 to Margit-sziget/Margit-híd for Margaret Island Zoo. Event details.

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NOÉ Animal Shelter


1171 Budapest, Csordakút utca

Cute creatures are always a popular attraction at Easter and the NOÉ Animal Shelter is holding a special open day between 11am and 2pm on Saturday 16 April. With the help of the caregivers and volunteers on hand, little visitors may be able to pet the sheep, the goats and piglets they see. Delicious bites also await, along with a craft workshop, face painting and an egg hunt. The event is free but donations are always welcome. NOÉ is on the eastern outskirts of Budapest, at the far southern end of Csordakút utca, a ten-minute walk from the nearest bus stop. Bus 269 from Rákoscsaba station to Ede utca. Event details

Photo: Railway History Park/Facebook

Railway History Park


1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95

Conveniently located by its own train station in north-east Budapest, the Railway History Park opens its spring season on Easter Monday, 18 April, with an egg hunt and all kinds of craft workshops, even an obstacle course. Younger visitors can meet the Easter Bunny, figure out a giant puzzle and tackle a huge Jenga. Llamas, alpacas and Hungarian racka sheep await  friendly patting and stroking in the petting zoo alongside, accessed with a regular ticket. Train from Nyugati to Vasútmúzeum or bus 30/30A from Hősök tere to Rokolya utca. Event details

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