5 best Budapest playgrounds with water features to beat the heat


  • Csom-Dömötör Erika

27/07/2021 1.57pm

With the heat wave still at its height and kids keen to get out of the house, playgrounds with water features are a godsend. Here are five of the best around town – don’t forget the sun hats and sunscreen!


Bikás Park


1119 Budapest, Bikás Park

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Bikás Park was completely renovated for the construction of the metro 4 station of the same name alongside. In addition to sports courts, a small lake and statues, the pirate playground is the most most popular feature. Kids can splash about, play in the sand, cycle or bounce on the trampolines sunk into the ground. If they get thirsty, the Soleil Bistro is nearby and the Erdős és fiai ice-cream outlet is a short walk away.

Photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest

Kispesti Vizes Playground


1191 Budapest, Berzsenyi utca 6.

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In 2018, the largest water playground in Budapest was opened amid the residential blocks of Kispest, where kids will find nine different features. The mini-stream beds can be diverted with small sluices, but there is also a squirting octopus, a pirate ship and a lighthouse climber. A few sails have been placed over the creek bed to provide shade and there are toilets on site.

Photo: Csom-Dömötör Erika – We Love Budapest

Óhegy Park


District X. Óhegy utca


There are two playgrounds at Óhegy Park in Kőbánya. The water section was designed for older kids, with a digging theme to it. Although there are no dams here, you can play in the sand, even find a huge dinosaur skeleton if you dig deep enough. The big advantage here is the abundance of shade, including above the tube slides. The climbing castle is also popular, along with the surrounding park lined with shade-providing trees.

Photo: Csom-Dömötör Erika – We Love Budapest

Újpest Szilas Park


District IV. Sporttelep utca/Óceánárok utca


There have been many changes at the Szilas Park in Újpest in recent years. You’ll now find an outdoor gym, sports courts and a course for driving tests, next to which is the water playground. Here, the little ones can control the water flowing in the creek bed with dams, but there are also nest swings, little cottages and sandy features. There are no toilets, so this is probably best recommended for locals. Shade is also a precious commodity but the nearby Farkaserdő woods are a handy escape when the heat is hottest.

Photo: Csom-Dömötör Erika – We Love Budapest

Városliget/City Park


1146 Budapest, Városliget

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In our recent selection of Budapest’s best playgrounds, we sang the praises of this major attraction but now the heat is on, it’s time to celebrate the mini-stream beds, water circulators, dams, shower gates and water bubblers – and the toys that go with them. Big ship’s sails provide shade or you can cool off under the wide sycamore trees.

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