6 top textile shops to check out this autumn


  • Gretchen Kessler

  • Gabriella Rothman

10/5/2020 10:25 AM

As the weather gets cooler, we find ourselves spending more and more time between the four walls of our home. Maybe it’s time to add a new splash of colour? In the selection below, we feature six domestic designers whose products can make your living space that much warmer and uplifting.

Photo: Jardin Del Aylaan

Dreaming Threads


Eszter Révész started her brand to realise her own dream of threads: to create textiles that are a “joy to live with”. Soft, natural materials are woven together into colourfully harmonious patterns, designed to be integrated into many different interiors. Pillows, hand-woven rugs and tapestries bring traditional Hungarian motifs into a contemporary setting. Eszter also undertakes the design of individual textiles and the personalisation of the products on offer.


Prices: Rugs 100,000-149,000 forints; Pillows 8,000-35,000 forints
Available at: MONO art & design

Photo: Veszprémi Lili

Veszprémi Lili


The name of this shop translates as Lili from Veszprém, and she’s brought her beautiful designs all the way here to Budapest. Lili bases her compositions from inspiration found in flora, fauna and other natural elements, and she seeks to harmonise with nature by committing to a zero-waste production when creating her textiles. Currently, Lili makes custom-made items for homes, hotels and office buildings, with an upcoming collection to be completed in the near future. In fact, it can already be selected from her webshop. Wool rugs are hand-made ethically from Hungarian manufacturers, and pillows and other home textiles are sewn by a family community for the brand.


Prices: Rugs 235,000-310,000 forints; Pillows 9,000-16,000 forints; Bedspread 20,000-45,000 forints
Available: by order

Photo: ESZKA



Kriszta Szakos is well known for her cosy coats and sweaters, available in funky colour options with amazing patterns. That same mood can now be brought into your living room, as beautiful and eclectic sets of pillowcases and blankets are available to spruce up your interior decorations. Everything is made from natural and recycled yarns, and the finished pieces are easy to handle and gentle to wash.


Prices: Pillowcase and blanket sets 15,990 forints
Available: webshop & shop




Anna Katalin Lovrity is well-known for her illustration works, where she creates special worlds with unique atmospheres. In her newest project, What The Rug, Anna transforms her drawings of rocky landscapes and flowing rivers – inspired by her animated short film – into handwoven textiles. WTR products are produced in a small Hungarian village using only the highest-quality European cotton yarns. Each rug measures approximately 50x70cm, and can be pre-ordered in four different patterns. The hanging rugs can be viewed at the Garden Studio.


Price: 259,000 forints
Available: by request 

Photo: Ouroboros



Rita Diósi’s macramés, with their frills-free, clean shapes, look great in almost any interior. The birth of the decorations was preceded by long years of learning and experimentation, as their creator would only study and practise the various decorative knots for a long time before she dared to dive into her first macramé. Now, Rita is prolific, and her works include plant holders, wall hangings, tablecloths, decorative throws and much more. The brand name refers to the snake-like winding of the rope used – the ancient symbol of the snake biting its own tail is well-connected to the resurgence of macramé as a popular craft, perfectly describing the recurring movement of the rope itself.


Price: Wall decorations 25,000-45,000 forints depending on size
Available: upon request

Photo: BOO Studio

BOO Studio


The founders of this new initiative, Ildikó Kele and Eszter Lebó, dreamed of a brand that evokes the playfulness, honesty and the curiosity of childhood. Each piece – be it a blanket or cosy neckerchief – is made from extra soft merino wool, knitted by hand with the utmost care. In addition to blankets and shawls, hats and scarves arrive in October, just in time for the cold weather.


Prices: Blankets €150
Available: webshop

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