5 unique flower and plant shops in Budapest


  • Kessler Gretchen

5/15/2020 3:00 PM

The urban jungle that is Budapest can be somewhat lacking in actual greenery, but there are many shops within the city which can bring a bit of at greenery you’re missing straight to your home. Whether you’re looking for an artful bouquet of flowers to furnish your flat with fragrance, or a tasteful houseplant to spruce up the living room, we’ve found five vendors who have something unique to offer.

Photo: Plantomine



Located on Nagymező utca, Plantomine has over ten years' experience in creating phenomenal flower arrangements. This is then paired with fun presentation styles, like their geometric, cylindrical flower bags. There are also heart-shaped flower boxes, and grab&go flowers complete with a handle, to truly impress your loved one by dashing to their door in a moment of ardour, flowers in hand. More offers can be found on their Facebook page.

Photo: FlowerMe



FlowerMe is not only aimed at delivering beautiful flowers around the city, but also at creating a greener world. Their deliveries are done by bike or foot whenever possible, and they use only recyclable material for wrapping. Not only that, but they even support the Hungarian Cyclists Club to promote a healthier Budapest! Twice a week they visit the flower markets early in the morning, to search for the very freshest and highest-quality flowers, which change depending on the season. These flowers are then styled by hand to showcase the natural beauty of each bloom. Due to the coronavirus, operations are currently limited, but they hope to go back to normal working conditions by June. More details are found on their Facebook page.

Photo: RisoPlant/Facebook



RisoPlant was founded in 2016, with the purpose of bringing more nature into urban lifestyles. The founders were inspired by the world of succulents and cacti, and they combine selling live plants, pots and terrariums with decorative plant-themed prints, which are made on recycled or plant-based papers. Their mini terrariums are especially attractive, and when coronavirus measures are not in place, they lead workshops on creating these unique items!

Photo: Mágikuskert



Enjoy a magical world of gardens in miniature with Mágikuskert’s self-sustaining terrariums, offered in a range of glass vessels. These incredible greenhouses require minimal care, as they exist within a closed ecosystem. Because of this, Mágikuskert recommends the product to just about anyone: plant enthusiasts, collectors, single travellers, bachelors without a green thumb, cat owners, children and those looking for unique home décor. The size of the containers ranges from half-litre jugs to 50-litre, often in old, special bottles.

Photo: Vegan Market On Dob Utca/Facebook

Vegan Market on Dob utca


The Vegan Market was long known for selling meat-less meals and treats, but following coronavirus measures, it has redefined itself as a plant-based grocery and convenience store. This includes the selling of houseplants, flowers and herbs, which are available in huge variety. New items available for purchase are published on their Facebook page, so keep an eye out to see what each week will offer.

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