Get ready for an exciting lineup in Budapest 2024! From Depeche Mode to Ed Sheeran, our very subjective list features both mainstream and alternative acts – giving you 21 extra reasons to plan a trip to the Hungarian capital.

1. Shortparis (17 February 2024, A38 Ship)

The St Petersburg band, mixing different avant-garde genres, always performs curiosities, their theatre-like concerts are so captivating that they will mesmerise you even if you have no idea what they are singing about. Of course, it should be noted that their songs do not represent the position of the current Russian leadership.

2. Austin TV (19 February 2024, Dürer Kert)

The concert of Mexican instrumental post-rock band Austin TV will be a real treat for those receptive to experimentation and are constantly looking for something new and fresh instead of stereotypical solutions. The members never reveal themselves, always wearing masks, as they say: 'Your face is not important. The truth is inside.'

3. Yīn Yīn (8 March 2024, A38 Ship)

Another exciting act from the A38 line-up, Dutch band Yīn Yīn has been drawing on psychedelic rock and sometimes even 70s disco since their emergence in 2019, combining it with an oriental sound. Their third album, Mount Matsu, will be released this year and is heavily inspired by Japanese culture.

4. Depeche Mode (26 March 2024, MVM Dome)

We needn't introduce Depeche Mode to anyone, their Hungarian fan club regularly organises parties, and Dave Gahan and his band's tour stops always include Budapest. After their concert at the Puskás Arena last year, you can now see them at the MVM Dome, and it's worth it because, despite their many gigs in Hungary, all of them have been and will be a great experience for a long time.

5. Widowspeak (19 April 2024, Akvárium Klub)

Formed in 2010, Widowspeak evoke the finest eras of shoegaze and dream pop in a contemporary package. This time at the Akvárium Klub, the duo's music is influenced by bands such as Mazzy Star, Slowdive, and Cocteau Twins, alongside Western movie tunes.

6. Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators (19 April 2024, MVM Dome)

After last year's Guns N' Roses concert, Slash, one of the most influential guitarists of all time, returns to Budapest alongside Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. They'll be coming to the MVM Dome, performing mainly songs from their album 4 released in 2022, but the setlist of more than 20 songs will certainly include some of their earlier compositions.

7. Baxter Dury (20 April 2024, House of Music Hungary)

Baxter Dury has stepped out of the shadow of his father Ian Dury, and become an acclaimed artist in his own right over the past two decades. He will perform in Hungary for the first time at the House of Music Hungary on 20 April. His indie pop and neo-soul songs have been influenced by contemporary hip-hop and R&B, through artists such as Tyler, the Creator, and Frank Ocean.

8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor (21 April 2024, Dürer Kert)

A true cult band will rock the Dürer Kert stage on 21 April: Canadian band Godspeed You! Black Emperor is one of the most important post-rock and experimental bands in the world. The genre is rarely seen in Hungary, so it's a prime opportunity to welcome artists like them in Hungary. Their sometimes monotonous, sometimes repetitive style may not be to everyone's taste, but we encourage all to give them a try.

9. Thirty Seconds To Mars (16 May 2024, MVM Dome)

Thirty Seconds To Mars, currently made up of brother duo Jared and Shannon Leto, return to Budapest, this time at the MVM Dome, in May with their big album from last year. Besides the new album, the fact that the band is touring again after 5 years makes the show unmissable for fans. The announcement of the tour, called Seasons, was anything but ordinary: Jared Leto actually climbed the Empire State Building to promote the band's return.

10. La Femme (25 May 2024, Akvárium Klub)

After thrilling audiences at festivals Sziget and Kolorádó, the French retrofuturistic synthpop band will return for their first Hungarian club concert in May. In fact, their music draws from many sources, from punk to surf rock, while their travels have also been a big influence. In 2022, for example, they put their experiences in Spain and Mexico into songs, last year they evoked Hawaii, and next year they'll take us into the world of the Western.

11. Eliades Ochoa (29 May 2024, Müpa)

The Cuban singer-guitarist has been a famous musician in his home country since the 1970s. However, the world only learned his name at the Millennium thanks to Wim Wenders' documentary about the Buena Vista Social Club. On 29 May, the artist, who is touring as part of the film's 25th anniversary, will perform songs from different periods of his career in his inimitable style at the Müpa Budapest.

12. Megadeth (9 June 2024, Barba Negra)

After more than 10 years, Megadeth, one of the founding bands of thrash metal, will give an independent concert in Hungary. The band led by Dave Mustaine is currently on tour with their 2022 album The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead! and will be playing at Barba Negra, along with classics such as Symphony of Destruction and Peace Sells.

13. Dropkick Murphys (11 June 2024, Budapest Park)

Celtic punk fans had to wait a long time between the first and second Dropkick Murphys home shows, but since then they've been returning regularly. It's no wonder, as they've built a loyal and relatively large following in Hungary, and the Massachusetts outfit repay them with every show – next time at Budapest Park.

14. Tool (13 June 2024, Budapest Arena)

Speaking of waiting, what should Tool fans say? It's been 15 years between their last show in Budapest in 2022 and their first appearance at the Sziget Festival, and we haven't even mentioned the albums yet. Fortunately, their next show is fast approaching: they'll be back in the Budapest Arena this June for another otherworldly show.

15. Coldplay (16, 18, 19 June 2024 , Puskás Arena)

Coldplay did take their time to return, but they'll be making up for it with three shows in June. The tour for the 2021 album Music of the Spheres has been running since March 2022 and has received almost unanimously good reviews, so expect a remarkable return in the Puskás Arena.

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16. Nicola Cruz (3-6 July 2024, Kolorádó Festival)

With roots in Ecuador, but born in France, Nicola Cruz is one of the most exciting acts of Kolorádó 2024, he sets a cross-cultural journey, drawing on the rich cultural heritage of his ancestors to create electronic music. His tracks make frequent use of percussion, and he's not far from experimenting, which will make you feel like you're dancing in the embrace of the Andes.

17. Ed Sheeran (20 July 2024, Puskás Arena)

As part of the tour of his sixth and seventh albums, Ed Sheeran will give his first solo concert in Budapest on 20 July at the Puskás Arena. One of the most popular singer-songwriters of recent times, Sheeran has not toured since 2019, but he released two albums last year, so those who have already seen him at the Sziget Festival five years ago will have plenty of new material to enjoy.

18. Lenny Kravitz (30 July 2024, Budapest Arena)

Lenny Kravitz's latest studio album, Blue Electric Light, will be released in March, and the songs from the new album will be performed live at the Budapest Arena this summer. Interestingly, Kravitz not only composed the songs on the album but also played most of the instruments, along with guitarist Craig Ross

19. Fred Again.. (12 August 2024, Sziget Festival)

Fred Gibson has released three albums of his own since 2021, recorded with Brian Eno last year, and has been releasing singles ever since, but he's really taken off since his Boiler Room set was released on YouTube. Straddling both mainstream and underground genres, his relaxed, honest style and effortless character make his tracks even more accessible to many. Among other things, this has led to Fred Again.. being one of the main acts at the Sziget in August.

20. Wednesday (7-12 August 2024, Sziget Festival)

Still at Sziget, but in a different dimension. Few people are likely to buy a day ticket for their raw alternative and country rock, but we think they deserve the attention. They've been quite productive since their formation in 2017, with five albums to their name, of which last year's Rat Saw God is their peak performance to date. Also ranked among the best of 2023 by, the album marked a new direction on a path previously paved by The Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies, and Pavement, among others.

20+1. In Flames & Arch Enemy (23 October 2024, Barba Negra)

Fans of melodic Swedish death metal are in for a real treat, as three core bands will be coming together at Barba Negra in October. The two headliners of the evening will be In Flames and Arch Enemy, with Soilwork as the opening act. If you are even slightly into the genre, this is a must-see!

(Cover photo: Euan Cherry - Getty Images)