Although veganism and plant-based diets are in vogue nowadays, there are plenty of people who could die for juicy steaks and smoky barbecues. We've brought you seven meat-savvy places that are worth a visit if you're in the throes of an irrepressible carnivorous binge.


Grill Mánia

Grill Mánia at the beginning of Bartók Béla út stays true to its name: smoky, succulent pljeskavica and ćevapi, homemade ajvar, fresh salad – welcome to Sarajevo! The owner is Bulgarian, and the guys at the grill are mostly Serbs – as if all the barbecue-savvy folks in the area were pooling their skills in one big communal kitchen. No matter what you choose from the all-Balkan menu, you can't go wrong – but if you accept a piece of advice, their veal pljeskavica with cheese is the best you can get in the area.


Beerstro 14 Steak House

Beerstro 14 might sound like Ken's Mojo Dojo Casa House from the movie Barbie, but it's actually a sophisticated yet casual restaurant. The place's biggest attraction is its excellent selection of steaks. Although their name has beer in it, they've expanded their drinks menu beyond the 14 craft beers on tap they're already known for, to include a wine list with more than 90 different wines. Most of the quality wines are available by the glass, making this impressive wine list unique. Beerstro's knowledgeable staff will enhance your dining experience with thoughtful service and wine and beer pairing recommendations. Reservations are recommended for any day of the week. For larger groups, there is also the possibility of renting a private room in the Ybl Palace. (x)


Corcovado Brazilian Restaurant

Corcovado was opened after a mother-and-son duo returned from Brazil and opened a restaurant in Akácfa utca. It's worth a visit if you're looking for Brazilian cuisine – which is not very well represented in Hungary – but also if you're looking for exciting and special South American steaks. Picanhasteak from Brazil is a real treat, but there are also rib-eye and sirloin from the South American country. The steak selection is not cheap, but they also feature a 2-person platter where you can taste everything.


Hot Stone Steakhouse

Do-it-yourself restaurants are becoming increasingly popular around the world – and Hot Stone Steakhouse is one such place with a unique experiential kitchen. Hot Stone opened in December 2016 in the heart of the city, just a few steps from the Basilica. It offers extremely high-quality food – but by its very nature, casual playfulness is also part of the restaurant's concept. After ordering, guests are served a ceramic plate with lava stone heated to 400°C, so they can cook their own hand-made steaks. The waiters help with the slicing, but the cooking is left to the guests, so they can finish the way they like. Cooking together at the table is great fun, whether you're with family or co-workers – but it also adds a special touch to a date night. Even if you don't know much about steaks, the staff are there to help. At Hot Stone, there are no additives, extra oil, or fat – only the fat in the wet-aged meats is cooked out of the steak. The selection is very wide – the menu includes Argentinian Angus steak, Prime steak from the States, veal Tomahawk, Cowboy steak, Japanese Kagoshima wagyu steak, Mangalica, chamois, plus specialities – with multiple certificates of origin. There are nearly 50 different wines to choose from, taking into account the diversity of the growing areas, the grape variety, and their character. There are wines from the larger, more famous vineyards, as well as special batches from smaller, lesser-known producers. (x)


Beef & Bone

Beef & Bone, located on the riverside, opened its doors to meat lovers 1.5 years ago. In the kitchen of the family-style restaurant, chef Róbert Tobai is responsible for making your meat dreams come true. The menu is heavy on steaks with meats from all the countries where beef, especially steak, is worth trying. Argentinian rib-eye, Japanese wagyu, Australian Angus, Brazilian sirloin, and Hungarian Mangalica are all offered. In addition to the world's beef, you can also sample classic Hungarian dishes – especially greasier meats. The strong steak selection is matched with the right alcohol pairing: at Beef & Bone, you can choose from a remarkable assortment of wines, champagnes, and prosecco to accompany your main course.  (x)


Prime Steak & Wine

Located near the Basilica, Prime Steak House's macho, spectacular, and elegant spaces are a great spot for steak and wine – the name is no coincidence. The place has the most diverse steak menu in town, with Prime-certified USDA and Omaha, Argentinian, Brazilian, Uruguayan, Black Angus, or Australian Wagyu beef available in the most popular cuts of filet mignon, rib-eye, New York Strip, or huge, over-pound Porterhouse, T-bone, or tomahawk – accompanied by more than 10 side dishes and sauces. The drinks selection is also impressive – with over 280 foreign and Hungarian wines in a range of price points. Prime Steak & Wine isn't the place to drop in for a bite to eat after work, but if you're looking for some quality beef or a major occasion to celebrate, you're in the perfect place. 


Unkija Bar & Grill

Ćevapi, pljeskavica, grilled burgers, tuned simple and delicious at Unkija on Bródy Sándor utca. Meats are perfected on a real charcoal grill – and anyone who has tried this method knows the difference. You can find lunch menus from noon at reasonable prices, and à la carte international grilled chicken, beef, and veal. There's also a special Balkan section with these dishes, a Bosnian pita from Belgrade, and a great trio of sausages. For a casual, quick but flawless meat experience in the city centre, Unkija is the place to be!