We are almost about to pop the champagne bottle open to celebrate the New Year, but we can not bid farewell to 2022 without looking back on some great spots that opened in Budapest this year. We have now rounded up 4 bars and restaurants that brought joy, lovely dishes, and impressive cocktails to our everyday life. It is not too late to add them to your 2022 bucket list.


TATI Budapest

Opened in Budapest's 7th district this autumn, TATI brings fresh ingredients directly from Hungarian producers to create flavoursome dishes in a way that is best for the planet. This is called the farm-to-table concept, usually applied by fine dining restaurants. But TATI, a stylish, welcoming bistro, makes local products and seasonal dishes available for a wider audience. The menu, dreamed up by chef Attila Gáspár, was designed in harmony with nature, and the ingredients were hand-picked with the help of Farm2Fork founder Boldizsár Horváth. All this results in creative and hearty dishes arriving in beautiful compositions. 

Try this:
Beetroot dish and Lamb Cevapi with sour cream potato stew 



We have at least three reasons why Kismező, opened in May, should be on your radar. First, it has small plates on the menu that taste as wonderful as they look (Hungarian specialties included). Second, it also offers oven-baked Neapolitan pizza - developed together with local favourite Digo. Third, it opened in a well-known and buzzing downtown neighbourhood, often referred to as the Broadway of Pest. It comes with a stylish interior, impressive dishes and a long wine list - all to be shared with friends or family.
Try this:
Beef tartar, Stuffed cabbage and Margarita pizza 


KAA Mixology

KAA Mixology, which opened in October, is an inspiring cocktail bar inside of leafy and Insta-favourite Twentysix restaurant. Upon entering, you find yourself in a mysterious, moonlit jungle (evoked by an impressive array of dry plants attached to the ceiling), which we were instantly enchanted by. And then you have the cocktails. From Asia-inspired Zentini (made with green tea instead of vermouth) to En Fumo, which arrives enveloped in a cloud of smoke, you can't go wrong with anything. The bartenders will help you pick or create your version of any drink on or off the menu. 

Try this:
Final Touch - where you add the last drop and decide whether your old-fashioned bourbon-based drink will get a bitter, chocolaty, or fruity finish


+1 Greenhabit

Greenhabit is a place for healthy hedonists. The food bar (which is a great breakfast spot too) opened close to Móricz Zsigmond körtér (where tram 6 terminates) in October. We were in rush to try it, and we have to say, we found a place with colourful and flavoursome dishes, which will sort your daily vitamin intake. There are 3 options to choose from: plates, salads, and flatbreads (with dessert as a bonus). If you go for a plate, you can pick the ingredients, but the usual meat + side dish + salad trio is presented in a healthier form, with veggie options (such as tofu or falafel for protein) and healthy sides (such as beetroot hummus, bulgur or quinoa) available too. Then there is the brilliant gluten-free alternative to pizza, the flatbread, which has a sweet potato base and is a must-try. Seasonal dishes are prepared with 90% local ingredients, and come in generous portions, so they won't leave you hungry.

Try this: 
Pesto flatbread and plum pie tapioca pudding